George W. Bush Sure Has a Lot of Stuff

Two days after The New York Times singled out Saddam Hussein's unloaded spider-hole pistol (band name alert) among the possible trophies to be displayed in George W. Bush's SMU library, and a week after Pulle's piece on the joint, comes this Associated Press report about the contents of the Lewisville bunker in which Dubya's stuff sits till the library's done dug. It's quite the massive collection of odds and sods -- 40,000 artifacts and 65 million documents -- including everything from "a purse made of vines from the Thai queen" to a Nolan Ryan-signed Texas Rangers jersey to thousands of off-limits docs no one will ever get to see. Oh, and "boxes full of presidential cuff links, crayons and pens."

In other words: the makings of the world's greatest garage sale. And the extra scratch could come in handy, should George and Laura feel the need to spend a little on extra security now that the Dallas Police Department has budget-cut some of its former-presidential protection.

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