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Get Out, 08/10/06

Those of you not attending the Spoon for Cancer Party in Fort Worth (or the Eels show at Gypsy Tea Room) would be wise to make the trek up to Denton tonight, where a fine double bill awaits you at Rubber Gloves. Headliners Ladyhawk hail from the same Vancouver, British Columbia, scene that produced stoner-rock juggernauts Black Mountain, and while their driving blue-collar indie-rock might have more mass appeal, its druggy underbelly is no less sinister. If J. Mascis wrote "Thunder Road" while downing honey slides with Tonight's the Night-era Neil Young, he might end up with something like "The Dugout," a track that's earned raves from Pitchfork Media while cementing its place among the year's best rock songs. Openers The Coke Dares pull double-duty in Jason Molina's Magnolia Electric Co., but don't expect any heartfelt laments about the moon, the stars and the freight yard, as you're much more likely to hear 60-second garage punk odes to AutoZone and trucker speed. --Noah W. Bailey

Bonus MP3:

Ladyhawk, "The Dugout" (from the album Ladyhawk)
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