Is this any way to invite people to your meet-and-greet? Ladies and gentleman, the very classy Al Goldstein.

Get Screwed

You know what always goes great after a round of Bible Girl, even when it's guest-written? Porn.

A few weeks back we mentioned that our old pal Josh Alan Friedman has penned the autobiography (sorta, kinda) of Screw founder Al Goldstein, titled I, Goldstein: My Screwed Life. Well, next week clear the schedule if you wanna hang out with the self-proclaimed "fat, disgusting buffoon" without whom Larry Flynt would probaby be, oh, fine, Larry Flynt. He'll be here November 1 and 2 for various events around town, because Dallas is nothing if not a hospitable environment for porn pioneers: On Wednesday there will be a private shindig for the guy at The Lodge, followed on Thursday by a public gathering. He'll be on the main stage. Not kidding.

But before that little miracle takes place, from 6 to 8 p.m. on November 2, Goldstein will be the guest of honor at, appropriately enough, Art Prostitute in Deep Ellum. At 6 you can drink and mingle with Goldstein, who not so long ago was homeless and sleeping on the floor of the Second Ave. Deli in NYC, then at 6:45 Josh and Goldstein will host a little chit-chat, then they'll take questions after that.

Oh, and mazel tov in advance to Messers Freidman and Goldstein: Word is the book's due for a review in The New York Times in the next few days, since Al is nothing if not a Manhattan landmark, like the Empire State Building but bigger, so he says.

In other news, My Name is Earl's Jaime Pressly's in town tonight debuting her new line of clothing called, no kidding, J'aime. You're not invited. I know, breaks yer heart. --Robert Wilonsky

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