Get Smart: New Meters A-Comin'.

The Wall Street Journal notes that an international utility-meter company will announce today that it's got a $360-million deal with Oncor Electric Delivery Co. to install so-called "smart" meters for three million homes and small businesses in Dallas. Notes the piece: "The meters will send readings wirelessly, giving consumers and suppliers very detailed information on electricity use." Which is supposed to better help customers keep control over their electricity use or some such.

The company, Landis+Gyr, actually says it's a $690-million deal to serve seven million Texas homes; it also claims smart meters "cut energy consumption by upwards of 9%" in California. But what will they cost users? Last week it was noted that residential customers would likely fork over $2.35 a month for the next 11 years for the new smart meters. Some New Yorkers got the new meters last year and loved them -- though, of course, there is some controversy attached. As a Northwest Dallas resident, I just hope someone doesn't steal mine. --Robert Wilonsky

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