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Get Totally Lit This Weekend

People do crazy things for which they’ll never be rewarded. It happens all the time -- childbearing comes to mind. But at least then you get to do the funny business for three or four minutes beforehand. Far as I know, there was neither hanky nor panky involved in the creation of Superficial Flesh, regardless of what the literary magazine’s name may make it sound like.

Way back in 2004, three students at Texas State University decided they were so smart, they’d put together a lit mag, which is, admittedly, not the first thing I think of when I imagine the hobbies of Texas State attendees. (I’ll give you a hint: Vaseline.) And so Superficial Flesh was kinda born, as they released one issue only to realize it’s freaking hard. They went back to drinking and the other things normal college students should be doing with their time.

Fast forward to today, and Superficial Flesh has been reborn, now featuring not just a few TSU writers who have since moved to Dallas, but also artists and poets from around the country. They’re having a launch party this weekend at The Quixotic World at 1116 S. Akard Street, and you’ll be able to buy copies of the mag there for $10. Or you can get one online for free, after registering, then read it over the weekend and feel awesome, because the last intellectual thing you did was … hmmm. --Andrea Grimes

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.