Get Your Nikoloff

We always thought this was Jen Nikoloff. Apparently, when she's naked, her name is Taylor Reid.

Memo to Girl on Top: Like, Andrea, how did you miss this? I see on The Dallas Morning News' Web site that on Tuesday, an SMU student featured in the latest issue of Playboy did a meet-and-greet at the Parkit Markit on Greenville (how classy and, surely, a Dream Come True). And in the accompanying interview with one "Taylor Reid," the Girl of Conference USA talks about how "being in Playboy's really important to me," and how it's "an honor" to be in the same magazine as Marilyn Monroe and Anna Nicole Smith and how her parents are all, like, supportive and stuff.

But, like, I have a question: Doesn't "Taylor Reid" look a whole lot like your old friend Jordan "Jen" Nikoloff? You remember, the SMU sophomore who told Dallas' Only Daily in October, "If I can pose for Playboy, I can do anything." Apparently, as one Friend of Unfair Park just pointed out, she's so honored by her Playboy pictorial she changed her name. (Oh, and memo to Jeff "Skin" Wade, seen in the very last second of the video: What, zacly, were you doing there, man? Picking up milk?) --Robert Wilonsky

Update: A Friend of Unfair Park sends word that Nikoloff's oh-so-very-private MySpace page does indeed identify her as "Playboy's Taylor Reid." Also says, "I just want to be fabulous." Me too, dang it.

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Robert Wilonsky
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