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Gettin' All Romance Novel Up in this Bitch

We keep meaning to make it over to the Romance Writers Association annual shindig, being held this weekend at the Hyatt Regency downtown. But since something always keeps coming up, we'll rely instead on my new favorite-named Web site: Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels. Among their "random thoughts" so far (the best follows after the jump, by a wide mile):

1. HOLY SHIT navigating to the Hyatt Regency is two bitches and a half. I’m lucky I have friends in the area I could call and to whom I could wail “Halp halp I’m lost and on some crazy street called Zang!” (Sounds kind of like a tentacled alien--like Kodos and Kang’s incompetent younger brother.) ...

6. Some really interesting conversations ensued with Victoria Dahl and Jennifer Echols about bisexuality in romance novel heroes, and common perceptions of bisexuality in general. I’ll see if I can marshall those thoughts into something resembling coherency in a bit....

7. Favorite exchange of the night:

“What do they call that deep-tissue massage?”

“Don’t they just call it ‘deep-tissue massage’?”

“No, no. Rolfing! That’s it. It’s called rolfing.”

“Y’know, that sounds dirtybadwrong. Like, an incredibly perverse sex act that involves bodily excretions that have no business being excreted during sex.”

“I think it sounds more like one step up from fisting.”

“Oh, so, like, a foot.”

“Inserted up the ass.”

“And ‘ROLF’ is the sound they make when the foot is inserted.”

“Nononono -- they say ‘Rolf’ because they wear dog suits while they’re doing this.”

“Oooh yes! Furry sex!”

We are now more sorry than you can imagine that we're missing this. --Robert Wilonsky

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