This is so not how you should charge your computer.

Getting a Charge from Local Airports

Just yesterday I plugged into one of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport's free and freestanding "charging kiosks" -- maybe the best thing about Terminal B, except maybe Cousin's Bar-B-Q and that iPod dispenser from which I almost snagged some Sony noise-canceling headphones for a mere $45. (Quick question, if I may: Why would anyone want to buy an actual iPod from the automated machine at an airport? Because it's not like you can actually listen to it on the plane -- since, like, it's got no music on it. And if you do happen to have iTunes on your laptop, don't you probably already have an iPod? Anyway. Been wondering.)

So, the point. There's actually a story in USA Today this morning about that energy-providin' kiosk at DFW. (It's actually an Associated Press piece that's been making the rounds for a couple of days.) And, turns out, Southwest Airlines is doing the same thing at Love Field -- only "instead of a kiosk," reports the Associated Press, "Southwest's prototype charging stations include a counter area at each gate where travelers can plug in and juice up while waiting to board." And the kids' areas have charging areas for their portable DVD players and gaming devices. --Robert Wilonsky

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