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Real guns and roses

Girls Following Their Destinies

At The Cavern last Friday, the band She-Dick, which was profiled in last week's issue, performed what may have been their last show with the original line-up. Not even a year old and they go all Destiny’s Child on us with a band change as of last Saturday. Here’s the word via e-mail from Candi Shell, after the jump:

“Annie [Rex] quit the band. She sprung it on us this past Saturday at our reading for the She-Dick movie our friends Jase and Rick are writing. The boy life seems to be threatened by the girl life, so Annie had to make a life-changing decision. Fortunately, Princess Persia [alter ego of Mattamorphis] is rising to the challenge of making a Destiny's Child-like switcheroo. I was worried at first, but now I'm thinking this change is going to boost She-Dick to new heights. I'm sad to have her go, but now we have a big girl instead of an emaciated girl. I'd rather endorse big and beautiful than bulimic anyway.”

I’m thinking those last two lines might be my best quote of all time. Shell also informed us that they were just put on the lineup for the Cazwell, Richie Rich, James St. James show at minc, Saturday, July 21, following their show at Monkey Bar the day before according to She-Dick’s calendar.

But Annie's days may not be completely over, she told me, "I may make an appearance here and there." Such drama. Who knew drag queens were emo too? But band member Gloria Hole assured me they are all still BFFs. --Rich Lopez

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