Glenn Beck Wants to "Engrave ... Things On Your Child's Heart"

Glenn Beck's wild-eyed, usually paranoid rants are such a common occurrence, Right Wing Watch has an entire category devoted to chronicling his crazy. Most of them are rather uninspired and give the impression that Beck is merely going through the motions in order to fulfill the persona he's built. But every so often, his ramblings reach such glorious levels of absurdity that we can't help but take notice.

That was the case when Beck announced plans for a $2 billion libertarian commune and with his Man-in-the-Moon-narrated Fourth of July spectacular.

Beck's been releasing details about the latter project over the past several months. The celebration could not be contained on one day, so it will take place over the entire Fourth of July weekend. It's happening for whatever reason in Salt Lake City. And, Beck announced yesterday, it's going to permanently mold the minds of America's children.

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"Everything that I am doing," Beck explained on his radio show, "I am working to be able to engrave these things on to your child's heart so they never forget."

He continues, explaining that three days is the optimal amount of time for truly effective indoctrination.

"Studies have shown us that three days makes a difference," he says. "A couple of hours will make an impression for about a week. A day will make it last a little longer. But three days can actually be a turning point in somebody's life."

Beck ends the topic with a promise: "Your children will never forget the moment the moon spoke, they will never forget and if we've done our job right, you and your children will never look up into the sky and see the moon the same way ever again."

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