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Look, I don't want to get you all freaked out or anything. I'm not trying to raise hell. I don't want to pick a fight. But I'm going to say something that may rub you the wrong way:

Some of the best shows in town lately have been in Deep Ellum.

I'm sorry. Somebody had to say it. And tonight is no different, with two events on Elm Street to keep you occupied well into the evening.

First, it's a "Save The Scene" meeting at the Darkside Lounge. They're gonna start cooking out (Darkside provides the grill, you bring the meat) at 7 p.m., and the meeting starts at 9 p.m. You'll want the drink special: $2 drafts and $1.50 Lone Stars. According to the MySpace bulletin, the meeting agenda includes helping bands get gigs in DE, advertising in DE and increasing traffic flow. Could be a lot of sitting around and bitching and fighting. Could be the start of some good ideas. But the way I see it, bitching and fighting is at least slightly more effective if lots of people come out to the meeting.

After that, you'll want to flow your traffic next door to Club Dada for an amazing mash-up of bands for the low, low price of $7. Three locals and some West Coast boys: Rock-and-roll openers Prayer for Animals and Cartright are two of my own personal favorites, followed by the suitably bad-ass Strange Boys and headliners Gris Gris from California, playing their surprisingly listenable jangly psych-folk.

All that, and on a Monday no less. It's almost eerie. --Andrea Grimes

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