Some time soon, the bottom of the Kirby Building will have a new eatery: Dallas Fish Market.

Go Fish

The tragically defunct (er, bankrupted) Jeroboam Urban Brasserie will soon have its Kirby Building corpse reanimated -- only to swim with the fishes. Mike Hoque, founder of American Limos & Transportation and Go Fish Restaurant & Lounge in Addison, inked for the space and plans to transform it into Dallas Fish Market, an upscale fishmonger serving fresh seafood and sushi plus steaks. The Market will open next April, with his Fish Express fast-casual node to follow on the building's corner.

Hoque says Dallas Fish Market will be similar to Oceanaire Seafood Room, only not as bank-breaking. "Very high quality, but not very expensive like Oceanaire," he says. "I know what Dallas people want. Even though I'm from Bangladesh, I consider myself a Dallas resident." (We all consider ourselves thus, Mike, even those rare natives you run into every now and again.) Hoque adds he's consulting with a couple of undisclosed high-profile chefs to draft a menu and is about to hire an undisclosed GM from an undisclosed four-star restaurant downtown, plus a Mansion alum wine director, undisclosed. As far as we know. --Mark Stuertz

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