At this very moment, the Unfair Park HQ cafeteria's full of people watching Channel 4's feed of smoke and smoldering ruins.

Go West, Young Man

Don't go east. Whatever you do. It just took me a ridiculous amount of time -- an hour, at least -- to get from Mockingbird-Abrams to Unfair Park HQ here at Maple and Oak Lawn. Why? It appears every lost motorist from out of town bailed off the various highways due to the big bang over on Industrial, and they're now puttering around East Dallas trying to find their way across town.

It doesn't help that the entire Peak-Haskell area seems to be under construction for no good reason, as the whole place is just a mess of poorly placed orange cones and other road obstacles. Just order in for lunch today. But don't expect it to arrive before 5 p.m. In related news, the cafeteria downstairs is full of people watching video of the smoldering ruins of Southwest Industrial Gases, Inc. Get to work, people. Or at least keep sending your caption contest entries here. We're gettin' plenty, but it's never enough. --Andrea Grimes

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