Good God, Lookie There: Bible Girl's Book!

Still not sure who gets the copy of Holy Roller (though the Monty Python fan's a real player), but today is the official publication date of former Dallas Observer editor Julie Lyons's tome that bears the subtitle "Finding Redemption and the Holy Ghost in a Forgotten Texas Church." That church is The Body of Christ Assembly in South Dallas, where Julie says that in April of 1990 she found crack addicts being healed through prayer -- "a news tip from God," as she describes it, since, back then, she was a crime reporter for the Dallas Times Herald looking for both a fresh angle on a worn-out news story and an honest-to-God miracle. Turned out to be quite the two-fer.

Friends of Unfair Park, of course, will take particular interest in Chapter 15 -- the one titled "Bible Girl," in which Julie writes about the genesis of her Unfair Park column. She writes of readers' reactions to the one dealing with her "struggle with same-sex attraction"; she says she "got a kick out of my critics' seemingly desperate need to discredit what God had done for me" as they wrote comments that took "digs at my church and family, and crude speculation regarding which sex toys I might've preferred in my supposed previous life as a lesbian."

Today, Rod Dreher has posted to his BeliefNet blog, Crunchy Con, an interview with our former leader in which they get religion. He also finds out what she's been up to since Bible Girl left Unfair Park to the heathens.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.