Good Lovin'

When Good Records announced it would close for a week to move from Deep Ellum to its shiny new Lower Greenville location, record nerds like me gasped, frightened at the prospect of not being able to buy our favorite indie releases that Tuesday. When the store re-opened at its new location a week after the packed Sixth Anniversary blowout in February, I felt like a kid in a candy store (albeit a half-finished, rough-around-the-edges candy store). Sure, half the listening stations weren't plugged in. Sure, it smelled strongly of paint fumes. But the possibilities were exciting, to say the least.

Two months later, the store has become exactly what most of us had hoped it would be—a bigger, better version of the original and maybe the best record store in town. I'll admit, the selection could be better at times--if you're like me and you're looking for, say, some old Doc Watson or a compilation of narcocorridos, you'll have to visit Tower Records on Lemmon Avenue. The number of used CDs isn't all that impressive, either; CD Source and CD World both have them beat there. But what sets Good apart in this town doesn't really have anything to do with the size of its inventory, although its stock of affordable indie releases is second to none in Dallas. It's all about the in-stores, the people and the general good times vibe of the place.

Tuesday afternoon's Two Gallants in-store was the first I've seen in the new Good, and I was impressed, not only by the great music but by the space. Sure, there were probably fewer than 30 people there, but in the old store that would have been an uncomfortably packed house, and it was nice to have enough elbow room to lift my Tecate. The best thing about visiting Good, however, is the people that work and shop there. Chris, C.J., John and Justin are full of helpful recommendations, and if you're willing to endure the occasional underwhelming listen (cough cough, Pilotdrift, cough cough), you'll end up with some fine music based on their advice. C.J., in particular, will talk your ear off about music if you let him (and you should). I also never fail to see some other record nerd I know sifting through the racks when I stop in. It's sort of like Cheers, except this Norm has a giant beard and loves Akron/Family.

So check out the hopping in-store schedule and stop on in. Tomorrow's in-store, featuring the gorgeous indie-folk of Toronto's Great Lake Swimmers and an acoustic set by Will Johnson, is a great place to start. I'll see you there at 1 p.m. --Noah Bailey

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.