Good News, Bad News: Gaston Ave. Metro Closing April 10. But Not Before Buck Breakfast.

We've known for two months that the Metro Diner on Gaston Avenue is closing, but till today we never had a solid date -- just "end of March." Not so fast: Owner Wayne Adams, whose just-turned-90 dad James originally started the landmark diner, just called to say that last supper will be served on April 10. But, as promised, he won't shut the doors before first serving up specials at rollback prices, just as he did before the Preston Center location met with the wrecking ball three years back.

Specials, says Adams, will be served from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 5 and 6, though he's adding additional hours for the late-night crowd on the 6th -- from 8 p.m. till 4 a.m. "It's just a customer-appreciation thing," he says. "I'll lose my ass on it, but the clientele has been wonderful over the years."

During those hours, you'll only be able to order off the special menu, which'll read like this: Breakfast (consisting of eggs, bacon or sausage, biscuit) will go for a whole 95 cents; a burger will run you 60 cents (cheese'll cost a nickel more); while a plate of chicken-fried steak, fries and Texas toast will cost a whole buck-85. And drinks? A whole quarter.

We'll have more about the Metro in an upcoming paper version of Unfair Park -- something special, though not as special as a 95-cent breakfast. Because, as Wayne says, "this is tough one to lose. It's a classic diner -- different than Preston Center, because it's open 24 hours and you see all walks of life come through these doors. It's New York City in Dallas." Oh, and by the way, the jukebox is for sale too.

Update at 2:22 p.m.: Wayne just emailed the closing-week menu. It follows.

Metro Rollback Price Menu

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.