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Goooood Boooooy

Most definitely a predator: I just finished reading Glenna Whitley's excellent article about Anand Jon ("Fashion Foul," May 10). As far as I can tell from the numerous books I have read regarding deviant behavior and the subsequent profiling of these types of people, Anand Jon is most definitely a sexual predator. I sincerely hope he is indicted, tried, found guilty and then thrown in a cell with the biggest, ugliest con in the cell block, who will anally rape him, all the while shouting: "Goooood boooooy!"

Pam Littleton


An appointment for Anand: With regard to the article "Fashion Foul" about designer/predator Anand Jon, it's shocking that these young women would continue to associate with this predator. If only these girls had had enough backbone at the time to report him to the police.

A guy like Anand Jon needs to spend some time with a female dominatrix. I would start him off with some bondage, flogging for being such a bad boy and then practice acupuncture on his testicles. He might enjoy having his nipples pierced with some sharp 6-inch needles. He would be given permission to ejaculate all over my stilettos (I will tell him "I only do this for boys that I like") and then be commanded to lick every drop off my shoes. Perhaps he will learn some respect and restraint in the company of beautiful women. Let's hope that he gets the jail time that he deserves and the victims can reclaim their self-respect, power and control over their lives. Thank you, Glenna Whitley, for a riveting article.

Lynn Covington


Paging Karl Rove

Smeared: Congratulations to Jim Schutze on his artful smear of Ed Oakley ("What a Woonerful World," April 19)! Ya got me. As one of the dorks who actually goes through and researches allegations printed in media about candidates, you had me going until after I had wasted way too much time and realized that there was nothing behind the cheap smear.

Maybe you could launch a White Water-like investigation and end up finding evidence of fellatio? Oakley is gay, you know.

Schutze, you're wasting your time here in Dallas. You should slither up to DC and make some Rovian cash.

Joe Lindsay

Via e-mail

Dirk No-win-ski

Missing pieces: A comment was made last season after the Mavericks lost game three of The Finals ("Stinko de Mayo," by Richie Whitt, May 10). I can't remember the source, but the statement was, "The Mavericks are lacking two things for a championship team—one a leader, the other a closer." Dirk is neither of these individuals.



Blue Note

The audience sucked: I went to the House of Blues ("Blues News," by Jonanna Widner, May 10) in Dallas on May 11 and saw the Old 97's and Joseph Arthur. The Old 97's were great, but the audience sucked. I was dancing my ass off, but most of the crowd was a bunch of repressed zombies. Are young people afraid to dance? I don't know. They sure aren't a lot of fun.

Joseph Arthur did his best, but the sound was awful. I still had a blast.

Bottled water was $4, and beer on tap was $5.

Also, parking sucked.

Angela Hayden


Lord Nelson

Terrible Tiger: Good write-up on the tournament ("Hole in None," by Richie Whitt, May 3). The point about eight of the top 10 players didn't bother to show was well-taken. Tiger has gotten to where he will only show up to big events, and with the death of Lord Nelson, he doesn't deem it worthy of his presence. In fact, Tiger doesn't show up to any Texas PGA tournament except Nelson's, and that was probably only for the photo op with Lord Nelson. Last time he came to Houston was last year when they had the PGA Championship at Champions Golf Course. What's up with this?

William D. Barnett


Shame shame: Awesome story, and I totally agree. They should be ashamed. Not only is it disrespectful to Mr. Nelson, but this is a very charitable organization. They just told me that all they care about is themselves. My hat is off to you, Scott Verplank. Good luck in the future.



Thankful for Woods: A nicely done article about a man who certainly seemed to deserve it (Scott Verplank). But I wouldn't be so quick to label Woods (or the other guys) selfish for not showing up. It seemed, on TV and in papers anyway, that those two had a real friendship. And while yes, it would've been nice for Tiger to come pay his respects, I doubt Nelson was turning in his grave over a friend missing a flyover and other hollow gestures. We remember and pay tribute to people in our own ways, and we do it best when we do it privately.

As for the general criticism about where Woods plays and where he doesn't, well, that's just silly. What makes him great—what makes me thankful he's around my age and will (hopefully) be alive and golfing as long as I (hopefully) am—is his freakish commitment to improvement and winning majors. However he chooses to do it is cool by me.



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