Great, Taylor Publishing. Like Students Need Help Teasing Classmates.

Every time I drive by Taylor Publishing's corporate offices and printing facility on Mockingbird, I'm reminded of the countless trips I had to make there when I was editing the Thomas Jefferson High School yearbook, The Document, in the mid-1980s. Some kids at a Pennsylvania high school will never have fond memories of Taylor -- waiting for pages, hoping the cutlines were in the right place, praying the photos were in focus. Nope, all they'll remember is the time, thanks to Taylor, that Max Zupanovic wound up in the yearbook as "Max Supernova," Kathy Carbaugh turned into "Kathy Airbag," and Alessandra Ippolito had her name changed to "Alexandria Impolite." At least the latter had a good attitude about the snafu: "It was kind of funny," notes the polite, ah, Impolite, "but kind of rude at the same time." --Robert Wilonsky

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