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Green Back?

"Feed Me, Wine Me" may yet remain the gourmand cry up and down the musty channels of Deep Ellum. Don Cass, president of Decco Services/Urban Lab and owner of healthy chunks of Deep Ellum real estate, says there's a deal in the works to revive the Green Room, albeit in a different physical configuration. He screwed his lips tight when pressed for more details.

"There's some new blood coming into Deep Ellum," says Cass. "I went into retirement, and I'm coming out to get this thing fixed. I'm going to put it back together...When I decide to do something, it's going to get done."

More immediately Cass says he's reviving the Deep Ellum Cafe in the recently asphyxiated Tarantino's spot. A wine bar will open next door in Peter Tarantino's Puppet Lounge space on October 1, though a successful wine bar in Deep Ellum seems like wishful thinking, even with "Feed Me, Wine Me" still in the air and the wine-centric bar at Local. But who knows? Cass says he's also nailing down an agreement to slip a new Italian restaurant in the old MoMo's space on Elm, again without further elaboration. This new-blood stuff must be classified. --Mark Stuertz

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