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Green is the New Mauve

The new Green Laura Miller has the old greenies around town kind of scratching their heads. Our mayor, who's taking the kids on a field trip to Waco tonight, is becoming a national Joan of Arc for her fight against coal-fired power plants in Texas. And the greenies are happy about that. "I'll take help from wherever we can get it," one of them told me at the end of last week.

But none of them can remember Herroner ever caring about the environment before now. As a matter of fact, she left her appointment to the city's Environmental Health Commission un-filled forever. When someboy bitched about it last month, Miller proposed killing the commission.

Councilpersons Linda Koop, Angela Hunt, Elba Garcia, Leo Chaney and James Fantroy had to step in to rescue the commission -- the city's main citizen body devoted to environmental issues -- from Miller's meat-axe.

Then you have the Trinity River Project, where Miller is fighting to build a freeway on top of the river that runs through downtown Dallas and expose the city to Katrina-like levee failures. It's hard to square that one with the New Green Laura. The greens I talked to last week were real happy that Miller is doing so much good in the anti-TXU fight. They just hope she doesn't get bored and toss away the TXU fight all of a sudden, like last year's Valentino. --Jim Schutze

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.