Greenville Avenue Merchants' New Site More Upbeat Than You-Know-Who's

Good news about Greenville Avenue is not always easy to come by, but you will find a steady supply at a new site called Red on Greenville. Sponsored by Greenville Avenue merchants as a way to counteract bad news about their venues, the site is not a bad little newsletter for current happenings.

Why is it called Red on Greenville? No idea. (It's supposedly written by somebody named "Red." OK.) Obviously, given the mission of the site, it's not a reference to prostitution. One gets the idea the site is intended to serve a counter-balance to Avi Adelman's drumbeat of disaster over at Barking Dogs.

Indeed, there is a marked difference in tone. A recent entry on the Red site says, "Flitting from one party to another, I joined the gaggle of Greenville goers, happily being swept into a potpourri of events." By way of contrast, a recent entry on Avi's site says, "Lower Greenville is a great place to get shit-faced drunk."

Two sides to every story.

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