Some of the guitars in this pic of the Riverboat Gamblers probably aren't around anymore. At least, they aren't in the band's possession at this point.

Guitars in a Van--That's Quite the Gamble

Happens all the time: Band goes on the road, band plays small club, band parks van in front of small club, band goes to get a bite to eat, band returns to find van parked in front of small club has been broken into and relieved of band's instruments. Rinse, repeat with a few minor alterations to the sad, familiar tale. I don't know a band that hasn't had its gear lifted at one time or another; Google the words "band instruments stolen van," and you'll find an unlimited supply of tales of woe, from such better-known alternabands as the Decemberists and Camper Van Beethoven to everyday folks just trying to transport their gear from one gig to another.

Most recently it happened to Denton's own Riverboat Gamblers, who played Austin a couple of days ago and came back to the van to find its gear, including most of the band's guitars, were gone. Punk News' Web site reports that the band had this to say: "Our trailer got broken into last night (or the night before) and these fuckers took almost all of our guitars. To anyone in Austin, I'm asking that you keep your eyes and ears open for any information on this. This sucks to say the least. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We leave for tour on monday and have no instruments."

Monday, as in today. (When you go to the site, you can read the myriad comments of people who really don't like the band, as in, "I just wanted to thank you for letting such a patheticly shitty band like the riverboat gamblers get robbed." And right before Yom Kippur too...) The Gamblers are on the road promoting their new disc To the Confusion of Our Enemies. Probably have a few more enemies to add to that list. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.