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Hamburger on New Year's Eve? Neil, That Is.

Patrick's forthcoming with pictures and words from the downtown blow-em-ups this morning, as Big Bob Jeffress and Mayor Tom held hands and made First Baptist go boom, but first, this just in from the Texas Theatre: Love-him-or-hate-him Neil Hamburger's been booked into the joint for what it's calling its 1931 New Year's Eve Grand Opening Party, so-called due to the redo and re-opening announced back in early September. On the other side's a new schedule of films -- ah, Repertory Tuesday, my new favorite day of the week -- including a handful of Dallas premieres and, natch, JFK week events. Also on the flip, a side of Hamburger, for those who like to make early plans and hate Papa Roach.


Nov. / Dec. 2010 Including the first peak at our 1931 New Year's Eve Grand Opening Party including NEIL HAMBURGER and many Dallas area Premiers and festivals.

**Please note that some showings will change at times due to unforeseen circumstances. More shows will also be added to this list as soon as possible.

Nov. 4: Loki : Arnaldo Baptista - the rare documentary of the Os Mutantes founder in preparation of the Os Mutantes / Ariel Pink show the next night. Come see the beginnings of this amazing band and then go see them play live!

Nov. 13-14: Bloodbath Film Festival
Hosted by Andrew Rose showing some bloody favorites from local filmmakers and beyond!

Nov. 19-22: JFK freakout!

Nov. 19-21: Virtual JFK
Co-presented by Video Association of Dallas

Nov. 22: Before Virtual JFK we will be showing Clips from War is Hell on Super 8, the film Lee Harvey was watching when captured

Nov. 21: Interview with the Assassin late show!

Dallas Premiers

Nov. 19-21: Strange Powers : Magnetic Fields Documentary

Nov. 27-28: Boxing Gym with appearance by boxing Champion Jesus "The Matador" Chavez

Dec. 3-5: Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench

Dec. 10-12: William Burroughs: A Man Within

Repertory Tuesday

Nov. 9: Bonnie and Clyde

Nov. 16: Last Days of Disco

Nov. 23: Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

Nov. 30: The Conversation

1st Director Series: Akira Kurosawa

Nov. 12: Stray Dog

Nov. 26: Seven Samurai

Dec. 3rd: High and Low


People will be able to purchase their tickets in advance for this all in one evening including a vaudeville inspired night of entertainment.

Details are still being worked out but we are pleased to announce our main act for the evening international comedian NEIL HAMBURGER!!

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