H&M Is Coming. Just Not to Downtown.

And not tomorrow. Or next month. But soon. You see, back in June, several Friends of Unfair Park were awfully tickled by the city's proposed efforts to lure retailers to downtown -- if only because the wish list included H&M, which gets as close as St. Louis or Las Vegas, depending upon in which direction you're headed. On Friday, whilst reporting the follow-up, I reached out to Sue Sernett, the trendy clothier's real estate manager in Chicago, to see if anyone locally had contacted the company to entice it to move to downtown. She replied thusly this morning:

At this time, I have not been contacted by anyone for downtown Dallas. I am not using broker representation as our target locations are in the malls. That has been my focus for our initial entry into the Dallas market. I have no signed leases in the market at this time.

Which, of course, begged the follow-up: Does that mean H&M is indeed looking to enter the Dallas market sooner than later? A few minutes later, she sent this:

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Yes, H&M is looking at expanding in the Dallas market. It could be late 2010 or early 2011 but that won't be confirmed until we have leases signed. Glad to hear that folks in Dallas are getting excited. It should be really fun.

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