Happier, Safer Trails

Apparently we have a stack of photos from yesterday's running of the White Rock Marathon forthcoming; till then, then, this is, for obvious reasons, an early front-runner for kosher fan favorite (speaking of, Happy Hanukkah!). And speaking of White Rock, more or less, users of Dallas's trails network might want to take note of today's Quality of Life Committee briefing, during which the council will discuss the implementation and expansion of the Hike and Bike Trails Emergency Locator System.

Hikers and bikers along the Katy Trail and White Rock Lake Trail have already seen the 911 pole markers. Turns out there's quite a complicated backstory that accompanies each sign, especially those on the WRLT, which were planted in August. The city's so happy with the signs and the system that it's moving forward with planting them around Bachman Lake and White Rock Creek Trail; and if it can (money, cough), the city would also like to plant them in the bigger city parks.

And speaking of the Quality of Life Committee ... one of its members, Angela Hunt, posted last night about her having a baby on board and the need to do "all that I can to make Dallas a better, safer city in which to live and raise a family." She and Mr. Hunt, Paul Sims, are expecting a girl in April, and of the suggested names, she writes: "'Jimette' tops the list so far." Good Lord, Schuze.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.