Okay, who had 6 months in the office pool? Pay up, sucka.

Happy Birthday! Sportatorium Turns 6 (Months, That Is)

Forgive me for growing a little misty-eyed nostalgic today. It's because 368 posts and 3,554 comments after debuting with this lil’ diddy, your friendly Sportatorium is suddenly 6 months old.

Funny, I don’t feel a day over 2. Hundred.

The full report card won’t come out until we’ve survived a year, but this progress report looks decent. Translation: Whew, we’re still on the air.

After six months I've tweaked the original syllabus. It’s clear you guys are fond of, in no particular order: Females, Radio Personalities and Cowboys. Cool by me.

If I'm reading that wrong, feel free to correct me. This is your invite for cheers, jeers or otherwise construcitve feedback.

Consider this a heartfelt hug, my quick shoutout to the ambitious posters who have made my Sportatorium “appointment surfing.” I’m not quite as well-to-do Mary Kay so no pink caddy. But take this public backslap as a token of my appreciation.

Top 10 most frequent commenters: 1. Scott (99.9% of them falsely glorifying the late, great Roy Williams) 2. Name That Dude Singing Like a Rolling Stone (Winner: Best of Salutation) 3. Rhinosaur 4. Fraggy (Dude, sorry 'bout your 'Horns and 'Boys. Double Whammy.) 5. Jamal 6. JC 7. He Kexin (Funniest handle) 8. ChrisU 9. Jay 10. EffReagan.

Honorable Mention: Gravypan, Spamboy, Wifebeeter, Of No Importance, Mushmouth, No Joshin, Chickenpants, Caseyatthebat, Travis, Louis, Americano, Kyle, The Big Guy, Liles, EM, Beefsupreme, Defeat Plaza, MapleLeafHagman, Trevor, Darryl, Mark Perez, Fritz, Lance, LM, Gunga, Jillian, Knottygirl and Whiplashchick.

And, of course, my personal fave: Richie Whitt’s Left Nut.

I am humbled. I am flattered. I am going to get back to work. – Richie Whitt

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