Harlan Crow Tells Leppert to Suck It

Finally, something worth reading over at Bold Types: Harlan Crow's pissy missive to Mayor Tom concerning revived talk of a taxpayer-subsidized hotel attached to the Dallas Convention Center. (And, yeah, we had to borrow it from Bold Types, as Steve Blow saved it as a ".pdg" file, which doesn't exist and won't open without a little needless hoop-jumping. But it's a public doc filed with the city, so there. And, hey, we linked, right?)

In it, Crow tells the new mayor the same thing he told the old mayor in 2005: Over my cold, dead body. Well, more or less. And that it'd be a bad deal for the citizens of Dallas, who'd be into the deal for $300 million. And it has nothing to do with the fact Crow owns the Anatole Hotel. Not at all. Swear. --Robert Wilonsky


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