Harlan Crow's Got So Many Statues He Doesn't Even Care If You Can See Them

From across the street and seven stories up, we've had a bird's-eye view of Harlan Crow's redo of the original Parkland Hospital, now the HQ for Crow Holdings. We've heard tales of extraordinary doings in, on and around the ever-expanding campus (which now includes a new building, Woodlawn Hall), and we still await an invite to what we hear is quite the saloon tucked away somewhere on site. But on the drive in this morning, I (just barely) noticed some new additions hidden in plain sight: four statues that were just planted on the short side of Reagan Street facing Herrera's.

Back in May of '08, in the heat of the fight over the convention center hotel, Trey Garrison profiled Crow for D CEO and noted that "his collection is considered among the largest private statuaries in the world." I've got a call in to Crow, who's on his way back to town from who knows where, to find out from whence these ladies come. Schutze is very disappointed they aren't from his Dead Dictators collection.

Update at 4:16 p.m.: "They're the four seasons," says Emily Lasko, who is overseeing the design and development of the campus. Though she is fond of our suggestions. "Maye we'll put on there 'Winter aka Soft-Serve.'" That's good people.

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Robert Wilonsky
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