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Harvey Gough Is a Sweetheart

Realtor Candace Rubin asks that we out Harvey Gough as a kindly soul lurking beneath a crusty burger, which is why, yesterday, she sent along the link to Steak Team Mission, which is a self-proclaimed "group of Dallas-based restaurateurs and supporters capable of providing food and supplies for soldiers' benefit." D's Nancy Nichols accompanied Gough, a former Texas National Guard chief warrant officer, to Uzbekistan seven years ago -- his first such overseas mission to feed the troops.

Since then, the Goff's-father, who sold his SMU location in 2005 and "retired," has been to Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and, in November, Djibouti, Africa. Writes Rubin, who accompanied Gough at the end of 2008, "The response on the part of the military was overwhelming. They have offered him to fly onto a carrier at sea for the next trip -- a 'Steel Beach Picnic' that has about 3,000 on board. His trips are really a fabulous gesture." Indeed -- and, look, he smiles! Also, I am now craving a No. 2 with cheese.

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Robert Wilonsky
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