Have a Art

When you're down in Deep Ellum -- and, see, I didn't say if you're down in Deep Ellum -- you'll notice the late, great Gypsy Team Room is now decorated with a periodic table. Turns out, it's for a very good reason and for a very good cause. (Oh, and thanks a lot, Allison.)

The Door will be hosting Art Conspiracy 3 in the venue on December 9, during which local artists will be filling up as many canvases as possible over a 24-hour period and selling off their works to benefit the St. Anthony's Community Center on Myrtle Street. Opening bids for each piece begin at $20 -- the perfect holiday gift for the local art enthusiast who'd like to know his or her gift was picked up for the right price and a righteous reason. See you there, 'cause I gotta lotta wall space. --Robert Wilonsky


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