Have You Seen Their Impala?

Denny Doran
From left: Some dude who's now in the Toadies, some dude who's now in Centro-matic, some dude who's now in The New Year and, um, Mark Hedman

Whilst cleaning out his closet, local photog Denny Doran stumbled across some never-before-developed snaps of the Dallas rock scene circa the mid- to late 1990s -- which, natch, is right in my wheelhouse. Doran gave them to our old pal Jeff Liles for his A History of Dallas Music site, Jeff forwarded some along to Observer music editor Pete Freedman -- and, voila, here's your Friday-afternoon slideshow, thank you very much. And, of course, I went with the Funland photo here -- maybe because this oldie-but-goodie came up during an iPod shuffle only yesterday, and it made me awfully happy. --Robert Wilonsky

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