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He Sure as Heckfire Remembers You

Filter has a Q&A this morning with The Greatest of All Dallas-Born Actors, Stephen Tobolowsky. And while the man's nothing short of The Greatest of All Interview Subjects, he does recount here one tale I've never heard before -- about the time he reunited his old Kimball High School band mate Stevie Ray Vaughan with then-estranged bro Jimmie, during the shooting of Great Balls of Fire in Memphis in the late 1980s. Jimmie appeared in the film as Roland Janes, Jerry Lee Lewis' guitarist. Recounts Ned Ryerson:

I was only working about every 12 days, so all I did in Memphis was smoke dope, go to parties and play golf. I would go out all night with Jimmie and one dawn we went to a diner, and there at the counter was Stevie Ray. And Jimmie and Stevie had been at odds for a couple years, they were on cold terms. So I went, “Stevie! Stephen Tobolowsky, man, Kimball High School!” and the three of us sat down and had breakfast together, and that’s where Jimmie and Stevie started talking: “Why don’t we put the past behind us and do a double album?” So they planned that at breakfast, and I’m eating my eggs, going, “This is good, this is good.”
Somewhere amidst my stack o' boots, I actually have the four songs Stephen and Stevie recorded together. I'd share 'em, if only I could find the danged thing ... --Robert Wilonsky
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