Hell Hath No Fury

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"It's not like we're crazy activists," Reeves says. "We're having fun. The only thing we were worried about was what if people got a hold of these and think we're bashing the city. But that hasn't happened. People go, 'It's so true; nothing happens.'"

"Can't Do City" is not the only city-specific shirt available. There's also the blue "Arlington Cowboys Football" shirt, with small print thanking Mayor Laura Miller for losing the team; one proclaiming, "My Girlfriend is an Honors Student at Ursuline"; a blue tee featuring a hypodermic needle and the slogan "Heroin...Not Just for Plano Anymore"; and a green shirt proclaiming Addison as being 100 percent pure cheese.

"I am not trying to make enemies, really," Reeves says. "We just want the city to be cool, and certain things are prohibiting that." --Robert Wilonsky

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