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Tony Hale, best known as Arrested Development's Buster Bluth, has a small role as the band director in Clay Liford's WUSS

Help Finish Clay Liford's WUSS, With a Sneak Peek at "Pseudo-Comedy" About High School

Only yesterday

we directed your attention

to a handful of local filmmakers, musicians and writers looking for a little Kickstart. It didn't take long for a familiar face to join the crowd(source):

writer-director Clay Liford

, responsible for the brilliant short

My Mom Smokes Weed

and this year's acclaimed full-length head-scratcher


, which bowed at South by Southwest.

As we noted throughout the summer, Liford's follow-up is the shot-at-Garland-High-School "pseudo-comedy" WUSS -- "the story of a high school teacher who faces constant ridicule after he's repeatedly beaten up by several of his own students." And it's almost done. Almost.

Except: Liford says he needs $8,000 so he can finish the film in time to make the Sundance Film Festival submission deadline. So far, four folks have pledged their support, for which Liford's offering treats in exchange for donations (everything from access to exclusive clips to songs from the soundtrack to tees like the ones worn in the film). Clay also offers another bonus: The Kickstarter page features a three-minute clip from the film, which is decidedly NSFW but also quite awesome.

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