Here Are Some Plano Kids Trashing a Vietnam Vet's American Flag

In defense of the teens in the above video, there's not much to do in Plano post-midnight on a Friday. Certainly, though, they could have picked a less appalling target for their petty vandalism than an American flag belonging to a Vietnam vet. Garden gnomes spring to mind.

"They ran over to the statue with the American flag and attempted to steal the statue and desecrated the American flag," Larry Lorance, the Vietnam vet in question, wrote on his website. "They were laughing throughout the entire act of vandalism. At one point, one of the vandals proceeded to stomp on the flag while continuing to laugh."

So aggrieved is Lorance that he has dispensed with the police and is pursuing his own brand of vigilante justice, which involves posting the video online in hopes of forcing the kids to "step up and take responsibility for their actions now."

Whether that happens, and whether this episode instills in the culprits a healthy respect for the American flag, remains to be seen. But you can be sure they've come away from the experience with one valuable lesson: When engaged in criminal mischief, avoid the house with a surveillance camera trained on its front yard.

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Eric Nicholson
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