Here Comes the Judge...Not

Haven't heard much from Harriet Miers since she asked George Dubya to withdraw her nomination to the Supreme Court last October: According to this piece from Time magazine, after helping to turn conservatives against the president and being branded an unqualified crony by Republican senators, Miers "went back to the second floor of the West Wing and resumed her job as White House counsel" the very day she backed out of the fire. Well, you can find out what Miers has been up to when she returns to Dallas a week from today to deliver the keynote address at the Dallas Bar Association's annual Law Day. Miers, a former DBA president and SMU grad, was also the first female president of the Texas State Bar, some 24 years back.

Some 400 judges and attorneys are scheduled to attend the lunch, which begins at noon at the Belo Mansion. If you want a seat, grab 'em quick: Tix are $35 a person and going fast. Speaking of which, the same might be true of Miers: According to The New York Times, new White House chief of staff Joshua Bolten is considering kicking Miers to the curb along with just-ousted White House spokesman Scott McClellan.

"Bolten's thinking about Miers, however tentative, provided an insight into the scale of his ambitions for overhauling the White House staff...Bolten is said by a number of Republicans in Washington to feel that Miers is indecisive and a weak manager."

I gotta hunch this will not be the subject of her April 28 speech. Just a theory. --Robert Wilonsky

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