Here's That Late-Night Christmas Music Spectacular. But, Wait, There's More to Come.

Finally, Jeff Catlin, program director at The Ticket, just shot me the links to my Christmas-music spectacular-spectacular, which aired during the very wee small hours of Sunday morn. The sucker ran long -- three-plus hours, till 4 in the a.m. -- so it's been broken up into parts one, two and three for your listening, um, pleasure?

For some inexplicable reason, Cat liked the thing so much that he's asked if I might do it again on Christmas Day -- in other words, when people are, well, awake. So, from noon till 3 p.m. on Friday, The Ticket will preempt network programming at 1310 on Your AM Dial and 104.1 on the FM side and roll with yet another live spin through one Hebrew's collected holiday song list. Since I've been given more than three hours to prep this go-round, the track listing should be significantly different than Sunday's show; there'll be some repeaters (like, oh, The Bellrays, Pinkston and the Donnas), but not too many. Word is it'll rerun at 6 p.m. Friday.

Till then, you know the drill: Fire away with your requests or shoot me an MP3 if you'd like to regift the P1's with something especially hard to find.


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