He's Crafty

During the W's grand opening a few months ago, Craft owner Tom Colicchio gave us this invaluable piece of advice: "Rum in the summer, bourbon in the winter." Or both, always.

Hi, it's me, your resident TiVo junkie and reality-show fanatic. Yeah, call me shallow, but to my credit, I only get really excited about ones that further the winner's career—you know, Project Runway and the like. Therefore, tonight is seriously one glorious night of television.

We've got the season finale of Project Runway (did Jeffrey do his own work, and will he get thrown from the competition?), another installation of the super scriptless (writers' strike, anyone?) America's Next Top Model (vapid Texas girl is still in it, though we really don't much care for her) and, finally, Dallas' new transplant Tom Colicchio livens up the judges' table on the season premiere of Bravo's other gem, Top Chef.

I must admit I haven't dined at Colicchio's Craft over at the W just yet, but I like his judging style on the show; he's not as abusive as Hell's Kitchen's Gordon Ramsay, not as soft as ANTM's Twiggy. He's sort of the cooking world's Nina Garcia, and he's got five--count 'em, five--James Beard awards under that belt of his...which should be adorned with a nice, large buckle as made obligatory by the unspoken Dallas businessman's code of conduct.

Our three shows tonight may not have Dallasites as competitors, but we'll take pride in Colicchio simply by association. Bust some balls Texas-style tonight, Tom. And for the record, as long as anyone but Uli wins PR, I'll be a happy girl tomorrow. --Merritt Martin

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