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Hey, At Least Now We Know Where the Playboy Super Bowl Party'll Be: Across from City Hall!

I thought about stopping off for an adult beverage at the downtown Aloft bar, W XYZ, the other night after a meeting at City Hall, but passed -- maybe later. Like, oh, I dunno -- Super Bowl week, maybe. Says the announcement that just landed in the Unfair Park in-box, Bud Light's taking over the hotel February 3 through 7; hence the name Bud Light Hotel, which, says the release, "will feature a full lineup of exclusive events and live concert performances that are sure to make it Dallas' hottest venue for four days."

Maybe, maybe not. But the website details who's playing and when -- beginning with The Fray and Lifehouse (no thanks) the first night, followed by a Playboy party (oh, no, I would never ...), a Nelly and Ke$ha concert, with Dierks Bentley and Jack Ingram wrapping up on closing night. Promises the release, "The Bud Light Hotel features the world's largest tent (130' x 260'), which will house luxury VIP areas and transform the hotel's parking lot into a premiere concert venue capable of hosting 3,500-plus guests (21 years or age and older)." Jim, noted Super Bowl skeptic, has already asked to cover the Playboy party. At least it sounds fun. And: Mayor Tom can always just walk to it.

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