Hey. Didn't See You Sitting There Naked. Sup?

A few days back, we mentioned that those surveillance cameras were up downtown; even saw a couple last night, perched above stoplights on white, "Dallas Police"-marked boxes. A Friend of Unfair Park said she and her husband were getting the icky feeling those cameras were peeping into their Post Building loft. John Crawford of DowntownDallas said, Nope, impossible. Because, Crawford told Unfair Park, the cameras can't look up, only down at the street.

So now our Friend's husband sends photos taken from inside their building. The husband says, Yeah, it's totally possible. How? Because their apartment is lower than the camera to begin with; so if the camera's already looking down at the street, what's to say the operator can't just swing it around to get a good look elsewhere during those more boring moments when there ain't nothing happening down on the street. Over at Grits for Breakfast, we were reminded of at least two good reasons to be concerned. After the jump are the pics: the first, a view of the camera just outside our Friends' windows; the second, a close-up. You ready for yours? --Robert Wilonsky

This is the view of the camera from our Friends' window.
And this is a close-up of the camera. Doesn't need to look up to look in, looks like.

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