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Hey, Didn't You Used To Be The Hot Guy in Chomsky?

This afternoon we received a missive from Erv Karwelis, bossman at Idol Records, informing us he's just signed Glen Reynolds to his label. Glen, as you no doubt recall, used to be the guitarist in Chomsky, which was signed to Idol when it released its terrific discs A Few Possible Selections for the Soundtrack Of Your Life and Onward Quirky Soldiers. (Phoenix-based Aezra released, at long last, the band's adios Let's Get to Second in 2004.) Chomsky's already spawned one band, kinda: the brilliant Booker T & the MG's-by-way-o'-the-Kinks Shibboleth, which includes former Chomskies James Driscoll, Matt Kellum and Don Cento. And Glen, well, he spawned the best Queer Eye for the Straight Guy moment of 2005, when Carson Kressley proclaimed, "That guy's hot!" during Chomsky's performance of "15 Minutes to Rock" in front of the Sigma Chi fraternity at UNT.

Reynolds' solo debut, In Between Days (uh...uh...uh), should be available in late spring; before then, Glen and the new band will play March 31 at the Cavern Club. But if'n you can't wait that long, go to Glen's MySpace page for a sneak peek at four new tracks, which are accompanied by Glen's explanation that these songs have been percolating since 2005, when he began recording In Between Days and wound up with about 14 songs or so. "I hope the listener enjoys spotting the things in my writing style that might have helped shape some of the Chomsky work we did," Reynolds writes. I likes, especially "I Feel Love," if only because, uh, I do. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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