Courtesy KDFW-Channel 4

High on the Trinity River

First Jim Schutze had to go and ruin that Trinity River buzz, now it's the Drug Enforcement Agency. Says here that DEA agents just today found "a large number of marijuana plants growing in a wooded area near the Trinity River." KDFW-Channel 4's reporting that the stuff was spotted by someone who's "trained to see the drugs through heavy vegetation." Some of us just prefer to smoke heavy vegetation. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: And in case you didn't know by now, the plants were found in the woods -- right behind the DEA and FBI's offices off Stemmons Freeway. But, c'mon, some of the plants were only 12-feet tall. And they appear "to have been a sophisticated growing operation with hoses, pipes, generators and a campsite for someone to watch over the plants." And they've only been there for, like, months. You think the DEA's glad Jon Stewart's on vacation this week?

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