History Lessons: A Sneak Preview of Tonight's Landmark Committee Meeting

W.H. Adamson High School -- is it a historic landmark? Yeah, probably.

Lost amidst all the talk last week concerning the preservation of the Statler Hilton Hotel was mention of tonight's meeting of the Landmark Commission's Designation Committee, which will get take place at City Hall at 5:45 p.m. Should be an interesting meeting, to put it mildly. Among the properties to be discussed: 5638 Gaston Avenue, described in a 1986 Dallas Times Herald story as "another Junius Heights house, a two-story stucco structure rich in the detailing typical of houses on Gaston Avenue [whose] highlights are the grand entry hall and a formal stairway."

But also on the agenda is W.H. Adamson High School, formerly Oak Cliff High some 73 years ago. Katherine Seale, executive director of Preservation Dallas and a member of the Designation Committee, says designation proceedings were instigated late last week by members of the school's alumni association. And it'll be a tricky one, as the DISD owns only a handful few city-designated historic landmarks -- among them, Fannin Elementary School, Spence Middle School and Woodrow Wilson and James Madison high schools.

"I understand district officials will be there tonight," Seale tells Unfair Park, "so it'll be great to get them engaged."

Tonight's meeting will be the first time both properties' eligibility will be discussed.

But speaking of historic DISD properties ... Crozier Tech, anyone? That, Friends, is a tease -- as Preservation Dallas on Friday will release its own list of endangered properties, and chances are pretty damned good that city-designated landmark-turned-crumbling eyesore will be on the list. So too will another Unfair Park favorite. And, no, not the Statler Hilton. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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