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Hoedown & Throwdown

If anyone knows how to throw a bash, it's Double Wide's booking maven Chelsea "Cha Cha" Callahan. For three years, Callahan has cooked up celebrations with amazing line-ups—line-ups that play for free since proceeds from the teensy $5 cover (after promotional expenses) go straight to charity. Cha Cha's Third Annual Rock & Roll for Charity Gala tomorrow sees Scaraoke with DJ Mr. Rid starting off things in the bar before DJ Slim makes a comeback from too long a hiatus with his sweet meld of old C&W and vintage rock. "Bring your dancin' shoes," he says. And Cha Cha's selling birthday koozies; seriously, they're only three bucks.

In the venue, four bands'll cross genres and city limits: Fort Worth's 100 Damned Guns' mix of bluegrass and gunpowder will segue deftly into the emotional gut-rock of our own Saboteur, while Austin's Lions will then make each audience member throw horns and wish for a Hescher as they bust out their hair-rock hybrid. Record Hop headline with rabid noise and ego-free rock and roll fronted by the howling and ever-impressive Ashley Cromeens, who reminds everyone who doesn't wear Secret that women are strong. Like Cha Cha herself, the amped-up throwdown is Lone Star-proud; proceeds benefit Amnesty International. Mom and Pop Callahan are also scheduled to make an appearance. --Merritt Martin

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