Holiday Homework

Holiday Homework

The Top 5 things I command, okay request, you to do over the Memorial Day Weekend. Yes, there will be a pop quiz Tuesday morning.

1. Fly this.

2. Drink this.

3. Eat these.

4. Try to tell this guy from this guy. No wonder the Cowboys landed Super Bowl XLV and the "commish" reinstating Pacman Jones is a done deal.

5. Watch this Monday night at 10. Sports anchor Derek Castillo will present the gripping story I wrote about back in 2005. It’s the tear-jerking tale of a Frisco 12-year-old, Chandler Jackson, killed in a freak golf club accident. Almost three years since her son’s death, Charmane Jackson is turning tragedy into triumph in the form of a fruitful foundation while also bringing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of what she claims are unsafe kids’ clubs. Must-see TV.

P.S. The Stars are about to sign head coach Dave Tippett to a three-year contract extension. So, I guess tip one back for him, eh? -- Richie Whitt

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