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Honey, You Need Some Knights Like These

Over the weekend we experienced something we weren't truly prepared for. In a showing that wasn't entirely unlike a Spinal Tap concert, Blood on the Moors provided a debut performance at the Double Wide that rocked our non-existent balls off.

Featuring members of [Daryl], Shiloh and Macavity (don't worry boys, we're honoring your atrocious pseudonyms), the "disguised" five-piece pulled off tunes that were as much Holy Diver-era Dio as they were C.C. DeVille's cocksure swagger and Yngwie Malmsteen's shred. Sky-high vocals met dueling guitars in a rumble that practically demanded a beer can to the forehead. Lyrics told tales of mythological beasts and ancient times.

The dumbfounded audience could've taken the whole set as a joke, but with instruments so deftly wielded, they shouldn't have. Perhaps the possibility of that sort of reaction accounts for the costumes and fake names--you know, if people laugh, the band can point to the wigs and say it was just for fun, and if people love it, it was all on purpose. But the band strikes us as honorably committed to their genre, confident and capable. Hell, in a patented cock-rock move (second only to the silver confetti launched at the show's close), the band has released the tablature for their eponymous track online, presumably for young shredders to print out and take to their guitar teachers. And some of those that missed Saturday's show have been exposed to Dallas' new lease on metal via the radiowaves--Blood on the Moors' "Sensitive Mother" has received attention on KDGE-FM (102.1)'s The Adventure Club hosted by Josh Venable...which we all know is a name we can trust.

The kinsmen rock Denton in September. Until then, visit them on their Web site or MySpace profile. --Merritt Martin

Bonus MP3:

Blood on the Moors, "Sensitive Mother"

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