Billboard's account of Willie Nelson's all-star homecoming concert in Abbott in the fall of '73

"Honky Tonk Heroes" and Other Waylon Jennings Hits at Abbott High School in 1973

This is not your work-week rock-and-roll-and adios -- that'll more than likely come tomorrow morning. But this'll do. While we await a piece from Patrick Michels about some doings at Cliff Manor this afternoon, I wanted to share with the Friends of Unfair Park a gift sent my way by


photographer Mark Graham, whose fine work accompanies

my cover story

this week.

Mark, the virtual floor is yours:

Just wanted to pass on a Waylon boot I ran across. If you have not heard this you should. Prime Waylon. Info provided is wrong on the date. It's actually from Willie Nelson's Abbott Homecoming held 11/04/73 in Abbott, TX. And yes, I was there. A senior in high school but lucky enough to make that drive down I35 to see Willie, Waylon, Kinky, Billy Joe Shaver and on and on play in a field outside Abbott. It was an all-day affair and quite good from what I remember. This set from Waylon confirms it was a laid-back day with some awfully good players.

Much as I love the April '76 Tarrant County Convention Center set we posted back in June, this FM broadcast is better. As in: immortal.

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