Hot Dang!

There are two kinds of hip in Dallas. There's "designer jeans and plastic surgery" hip, and there's "I only go-to house parties and can't believe how corporate WeShotJR has become lately" hip.

What are the rest of us to do?

Shop at the House of Dang!, of course. The new post-retro-cool-vintage-new clothing and housewares shop on Bryan Street in East Dallas bridges the gap between people who hate that there's an Urban Outfitters in the middle of NorthPark Center but can't seem to fill their entire closets with clothing from the Salvation Army. The House has been in business since mid-October, and they're gearing up for a big holiday to-do . They'd just love for you to stop by tomorrow night.

I stopped in a couple of weeks ago for a gander, and loved the original designs by shop owners Andrew Bayer and Doug Voisin, who specialize in knit-woven combos with a bright, retro feel. They also sell items on consignment -- everything from scarves to wallets to lovely jewels -- and much of it is from artists and designers in the Dallas area.

The store itself is set up like a house, complete with living rooms, bedrooms, a kitchen and more. It's packed with trinkets, T-shirts and the truly bizarre. I walked out with a 1950s metal magazine rack-cum-ashtray because I have self-restraint. I could easily have filled a couple shopping bags with the re-worked vintage tees and pretty brocade purses on display.

I just talked to Andrew on the phone, who says they chose the Bryan Street location because, "It's more approachable here. We wouldn't fit in at Mockingbird Station or the West Village." He likes the crackhead-meets-Mercedes East Dallas aesthetic, and I don't blame him.

The House of Dang! celebration of Baby Jesus' birth starts tomorrow at 6:30 p.m., complete with grocery-store birthday cake and a keg. Stop by and knock one back for the Lil' Lord Himself. I'll see you there. --Andrea Grimes

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