How Come We've Never Heard of Dallas School Girls? And, Got a Copy?

To the list of locally connected pornography, we can add an oldie but oh-goodie heretofore unknown 'round these parts, as least: 1981's Dallas School Girls, un film de John Christopher. Truth is, we knew nothing of this tale till today, whilst browsing the eBay for rarities worth our hard-earned; the poster's up for grabs, beginning at $49.95, till Sunday. Though, thus far, no takers for Coffee, Tea or Me star Tara Aire's early work. And what, you ask, is it about? Um, well:

High school graduate Heather leaves New York to spend a hot summer with her cousins Bonnie and Cindy in Dalls, Texas. they have been re-united after a gap of 5 years, and she sees that a lot has changed. except for Mr. Cobb, the pervert who used to babysit them. now he spies on them, as they share some raunchy stories and uncover secrets from their pasts.

So, now, Debbie Does Dallas, Naughty Dallas and Dallas School Girls -- that, right there, that's a threesome. --Robert Wilonsky


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