How Do Dallas's Lobbyists Earn Their Dough?

On October 28, the Dallas City Council will vote to renew its contract with the lobbyists who do the city's bidding in Austin and D.C. Right about now, the city spends $502,000 with the likes of CapitalEdge (which also lobbies on behalf of Arlington; Denton, Reno, Nevada; and Huntsville, Alabama), Alcalde & Fay (which works for Miami and Atlantic City, among many others), former Dallas assistant city attorney Randy Cain, HillCo Partners, Kwame Walker and San Antonio attorney Susan Rocha.

In about an hour, the city council's Legislative Ad Hoc Committee will discuss whether or not the lobbyists have done enough for the city to merit their paychecks -- though it's really a formality, as staff's already OK'd the approval, and this year's list looks like last year's. Still, if you're feeling particularly wonky this afternoon, you can follow along: The lobbyists have to list their accomplishments, down to the last earmark in pending House and Senate appropriation bills. Spoiler alert: Lots of Trinity River Corridor Project and transportation initiatives mentioned.

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Robert Wilonsky
Contact: Robert Wilonsky